Corporate Giving

In 2014, Faith Farm Ministries set itself apart as a unique, premier, national model for addiction recovery programs and Rescue Missions. At 63 years old, the ministry began as an overnight refuge for alcoholics in Ft. Lauderdale. It has grown to a 9 month residential recovery program with 3 campuses on 1,650 acres and 445 beds for both men and women who struggle with life controlling issues. Since 2008, student enrollment has come from 41 of our 50 United States and internationally.

  • The program is 100% voluntary and is provided at no cost to the student. Campus Directors, Pastors and Administrative Staff live on campus and are available to the student 24/7 for guidance and support. A typical day will be very structured: three meals; chapel; quiet time; academic and recovery curriculum; counseling and a Comprehensive Work Training (CWT) Program project that includes both classroom and on the job training. The work training is not construed as employment, nor is it compensated.
  • Faith Farm provides housing, food, clothing, curriculum, life skills training, spiritual training and the CWT Institute. Approximately 94% of the ministry’s $11 Million annual budget is allocated directly to programs. Over 90% of that budget is derived via the micro-enterprise project training initiatives that are supervised by staff and performed by students who are learning new job skills.
  • Education is at the forefront of the Faith Farm program. Simply put, education opens doors. If a student does not have a high school diploma, they are required to enter our GED preparation program. In 2014, Faith Farm’s recovery curriculum became accredited through South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. A student who completes the basic 9 month program and chooses to test may earn up to 9 college credits. According to The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM), Faith Farm is the only known recovery program that can offer this level of educational opportunity. Since July, over 100 students received college credits and a brighter future.
  • Faith Farm’s 1st book, U-TURN To God: Wrong Ways Made Right, by Dean O. Webb, Executive Director, was published in 2014 with 100% of all purchases going directly to Faith Farm programs. The book features over 50 testimonies of graduates who have experience life transformation at Faith Farm. The book is available at and at
  • In 2014, Faith Farm, at its expense, hosted rescue missions from as far away as Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, who wanted to learn about its programs. Dean Webb spoke to a standing room only crowd about Faith Farm’s micro-enterprises at the AGRM’s Annual Conference in St. Louis in June. Finally, Faith Farm’s Director of Development, Wayne Richardson, provided training to the AGRM Board that resulted in the launching of its first national cause-related marketing program.

Students from numerous faiths, races and socio-economic backgrounds come to Faith Farm from all over the country and beyond. Continuing in the genius of the program’s design; to be a self-sufficient, self funding, entrepreneurial combination of micro-enterprise, results in a vision of unimaginable possibilities as a premier, national model for years to come with capacity to help thousands of people in the midst of the addiction epidemic.

If your organization is looking for a means to be part of social responsibility, we invite you to partner with Faith Farm and support our mission of saving lives, restoring families and providing a brighter future for those struggling with addiction. Faith Farm may be your solution to:

  • Building your brand and customer affinity through cause related marketing.
  • Have a national affinity with clients due to our national admissions.
  • Underwrite events at low cost where marketing benefits can be leveraged.
  • Procure long term exposure via signage rights on our vehicle fleet of box trucks and vans.
  • Hire your work force from Faith Farm’s CWT Institute. Students receive certificates in various Comprehensive Work Training modules that prepare them for employment.
  • Combine corporate marketing with education initiatives such as GED training or “Green”, student run, award winning micro-enterprise.

Here are a sample of initiatives your organization can partner with Faith Farm:

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