Transformational Giving

Since 1951, Faith Farm Ministries has provided a safe place for alcoholics in the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, the program has evolved into a free, long-term, regeneration solution to drug and alcohol addiction. Today, we are national in our admissions to three distinct campuses in South Florida . If you are considering Faith Farm Ministries as a beneficiary of a major gift that will propel the Ministry forward as a National Model here are some thoughts:

  • Faith Farm is striving to be the National Model for alcohol and drug addiction programs. Over 94% of our operating budget is derived through staff/student operated micro-enterprise. Fundraising is primarily for capital improvements and program expansion.
  • Free, minimum 9 month residential program with all needs of the resident met.
  • Cost of fundraising is approximately 1%.
  • Students learn a vocation through a Comprehensive Work Training Institute (CWT).
  • An accredited college academic program includes a mandatory GED for all those entering the program without at high school diploma. A student with a high school diploma or GED, who successfully completes the academic curriculum and chooses to test may receive up to 9 college credits from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary.
  • Faith Farm saves the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars each year as a viable alternative to incarceration.
  • Faith Farm changes lives as evidenced by numerous graduate testimonies.
  • Students may benefit from 2 levels of participation in the Faith Farm recovery programs:
    • The Basic Program is a minimum of 9 months. Once completed, a student may enter a sixty (60) day Transition Phase and may remain on campus while they prepare for exiting the program. They use this time for job seeking or finding a place to live. They can use the time to work and accumulate funds for apartment rent and security deposit. They receive assistance on budgeting, resume’ preparation, completing employment applications, interview skills and job searches.
    • The Advanced Program (AS1) is obtained through an application and selection process and requires an additional 1 year commitment with challenging curriculum that will provide continued spiritual growth and leadership development.
    • The Advanced Program (AS2) provides the student with another year of continued growth and training in ministry pursuits.
    • Omega Program is available to students who have completed the Advanced Program, either AS1 or AS2, and provides various avenues to pursue their future goals while living on the Ft. Lauderdale Campus..
      • Omega College allows for a student to attend college while continuing to live and work on campus. Scholarships for continuing college or entering trade schools can often be obtained.
      • Omega Work allows students to live on campus while seeking employment and saving funds for housing off campus.
      • Omega Military provides opportunities for those who have an interest in serving in any of the armed services branches. Recruiters come to the campuses to work directly with our students.

Here are sample executive summaries of funding needs that will build towards a National Model:

* Naming and Recognition Opportunities available.

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