Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporations have been donating to charitable causes for many years. The donation concept isn’t anything new. The benefits of sponsorship, however, are worth consideration. When corporations sponsor Faith Farm Ministries, there are obvious tax incentives. More important is what this signifies to the community . . . It signifies a commitment to the community. Your Sponsorship will:

  • Elevate the public image of your company
  • Draw people in the community to seek out your company because you show a vested interest. This results in increased business and revenue.
  • Increase your visibility. We include sponsors’ names and logos on our website, mailings and promotional materials.
  • Donating to Faith Farm becomes an advertising tool, along with the clear advantages of helping those who need our help.
  • Leverage the donations and benefit you, the Sponsor, as well as the ministry. The collaborative mission between Faith Farm and, corporations, small businesses, and the everyday dedicated individuals make it all possible.
  • Help your company maintain social responsibility. This is advantageous in the large scope.
  • Improve your corporate image, increase visibility, enhance your brand, and help people all over the country who come to us for help.

If you would like information: