Advanced Programs

Upon completion and graduation from the 9 month basic program at any of our Faith Farm campuses, a student has many options.

“I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it . . .” Revelations 3:8

In their final months, students have worked on resumes, practiced interview skills, learned to search for jobs, found a church home, investigated small recovery groups such as Celebrate Recovery, AA or NA, and completed an Alumni Association profile. Our students receive tools and coping skills and are well prepared for a purpose-filled, productive life. What’s next?

Many students return home to a church, family and community. God has restored them to a life where they can be everything He intended. Sometimes, however, a student decides to continue the growth that began at Faith Farm. The Advanced Programs have been designed for this student:

  • Advanced Program is a minimum one year (AS1) and potentially a two year (AS2) program. Students are provided with a challenging biblical and leadership curriculum to foster spiritual growth and ministry pursuits.

  • Omega College gives our students the opportunity to acquire job certifications, degrees and training at local educational institutions and trade schools.

  • Omega Work assists our students to find employment.

  • Omega Military provides for students to pursue service through the Armed Services.

  • Alumni Association is an on-going fellowship, advocacy and mentoring organization and includes all graduates of Faith Farm Ministries’ programs.