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The first group of men and women in an addiction recovery program anywhere … EVER, have earned up to 9 college credits each at the Boynton Beach campus of Faith Farm Ministries as they graduate from the free, long term residential recovery program. There are actually three courses within the recovery curriculum that are now accredited for 3 credit hours each: read more →


Faith Farm Dedicates New Bridge to Students Past and Future
Pictured left to right are: Pastor John Glenn, Board Member; Troy Hardy, Boynton Campus Director; Faith Bolton, Board Member; Brandon Tucker, Board Member; Pastor Mike Brown, Board Chairman; Dean O. Webb, Executive Director; Dr. Mary Drabik, Board Member; Pastor Joe Guadagnino, Board Member.

The Boynton Campus of Faith Farm Ministries dedicated their new bridge today … The old bridge, which was condemned above a year ago had to be replaced. Trusting God for the resources to pay a $1.14 Million bill, they proceeded in faith with construction and cut the ribbon today, “Dedicating To The Thousands Who Cross This Bridge To A Transformed Life.” Board Chair, Mike Brown, was 12 years old when he attended the dedication of the first bridge 50 years ago in 1964.

Faith Farm Ministries is a free, minimum 9 month, faith-based, addiction recovery program with residential services for more than 445 men and women who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol and/or illegal and pharmaceutical drug addictions. read more →

Bringing hope and encouragement to those who have addictions but want to find a way out with Christ’s help, Faith Farm Ministries and South Florida Bible College have united in an educational partnership that awards college credit for some life skills learned during addiction recovery. read more →

02 Jul 2014
July 2, 2014

Desperate Sinners/Desperate Saints

July 2, 2014 Boynton Beach Campus 0 Comment

Greetings and Blessings this week to all of you I dearly love.

In Luke 18:10-14 Jesus said, “Two men went up to the house of God to pray. One of them was a proud religious law-keeper. The other was a man who gathered taxes. The proud religious law-keeper stood and prayed to himself like this, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men. I am not like those who steal. I am not like those who do things that are wrong. I am not like those who do sex sins. I am not even like this tax-gatherer. I go without food two times a week so I can pray better. I give one-tenth part of the money I earn.’ But the man who gathered taxes stood a long way off. He would not even lift his eyes to heaven. But he hit himself on his chest and said, ‘God, have mercy on me! I am a sinner!’ I tell you, this man went back to his house forgiven, and not the other man. read more →