A Unique Premier National Model

Faith Farm Ministries is set apart and unique compared to other addiction recovery programs and Rescue Missions.

  • Faith Farm’s program is 100% voluntary and is provided at no cost to the student. The Campus Directors, Pastors and Administrative Staff live on campus and are available for the student 24/7 for guidance and support. A typical day will be very structured: three meals; chapel service; quiet time; academic and recovery curriculum; counseling and a Comprehensive Work Training (CWT) Program project that includes both classroom and on the job training learning skills that will be beneficial in a competitive job marketplace. The work training is not to be construed as employment nor is it compensated.

  • Faith Farm Ministries provides housing, food, clothing, Christian and recovery curriculum, life skills and spiritual training and the Comprehensive Work Training (CWT) Program. Approximately 94% of the ministry’s $11 Million annual budget is allocated directly to programs and almost 91% of that budget is funded through the CWT Institute’s micro-enterprise work project initiatives that are supervised by staff and performed by students who are learning new job skills.

  • We have students from numerous faiths, races and socio-economic backgrounds. They come to Faith Farm from all over the country and beyond. Since addiction knows no boundaries, everyone knows someone who has been touched by this disease. It is important that our students not only achieve sobriety, but that they gain a new way of thinking that better equips them to cope with the obstacles that they face. It is this new way of thinking that also gives them a servant’s heart. They learn to value and understand the Great Commandment to love God and one another and become willing to give back what they have received. They become better family members and citizens.

  • Finally, educational needs are at the forefront of the Faith Farm program. Simply put, education opens doors. Therefore, if a student entering the program does not have a high school diploma, they are required to enter our GED preparation program and attend classes on a regular basis. They are given a pre-test to determine the beginning grade level and they work from there. In addition, Faith Farm’s recovery curriculum is now accredited through South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. A student who completes the basic 9 month program and chooses to test may earn up to 9 college credits. Faith Farm is the only known recovery program that can offer this.

Faith Farm is truly a place of grace serving a God of second chances. Equipping students with a new way of thinking, a new work ethic, vocational skills, a servant’s heart, and finally, a great start on undergraduate educational goals is what makes us unique. Students receive love, grace, renewal, opportunity and hope in a bright tomorrow.